About Us

In 1996, when Internet modems made a noise, and fax machines were in every office, three graphic designers decided to make their mark on the brand-marketing world by starting their own company. They created the Logo Bistro, a graphic design and brand management company with award-winning designers and renowned consultancy experts. Even after years in the sales and marketing arena, the Logo Bistro still has a passion for helping small businesses reach their full potential.

Originally, the Logo Bistro dealt exclusively with logo design, but as our client lists expanded, we were frequently asked for services that we couldn’t provide. That is when we started to expand our operation, broaden our reach, and hire more talented design and brand-management staff.

We then expanded further to include brochure design, and then social media design and consultancy services. As the Internet became more popular, and better technology started to creep in, well also opened a web design and web development department.


We are now able to provide full brand marketing services, including consultancy where necessary, so that our clients may approach and use our services for all their campaign needs. We will continue to adapt and refine our business to ensure we effectively serve the needs of our ever-growing client base.

What does the future hold? Our reputation is finally seeping from our shores, and each month we are receiving more and more requests from overseas, which is why we are planning to slowly expand beyond our borders and begin the process of becoming an international company.